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Coach Van Boschetti Quotes

College Coach for Football at Los Medanos College


Van Boschetti Quotes

“to have composure and stressed his players to keep things in the proper ,.

I told them if they were to win, they would each have to improve, have their best games of the year. Keep in mind its just a game. Win or lose be true gentlemen. I told them, You are prepared to win, I told them they would remember game and moment and would want it again, they would if they won this game."

Van Boschetti to his 1981 NCS Champions Miramonte High School Football team before the Campolindo game. In truth the final top 10 in 2A.
1. Miramonte
2. Campolindo
3. Alhambra
4. San Lorenzo
5. Piedmont
6. De La Salle
7. Skyline

Coach Van Boschetti


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