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Coach Eric Seremet Quotes

College Coach for Men's Lacrosse at United States Air Force Academy


Eric Seremet Quotes

“Spoke with Air Force coach Eric Seremet for a while. Sounds like the Falcons are going to be really young this year but that Seremet has laid some good groundwork for future success. He also told me about a pretty cool tradition that's been started. Each year, the team is divided into six tribes based on the six nations, and they compete with each other in three physical events throughout the season, which is called the Trifecta. The first two events are Eagles Peak and Stanley Canyon, both hikes of varying intensity degrees right on the Air Force Academy. The third and final event is the Incline, a grueling workout in Manitou Springs that was part of the IL Fitness Forum over the summer.

The tribes go beyond just the competition, as each tribe eats meals together and spends a considerable amount of time together in various activities off the field. A senior is designated as a leader for each tribe and together with the coaching staff conducts a draft to determine what players will be assigned to which tribe for the entirety of their lacrosse career. The thought for the future is that just as the cadets will forever associated with their platoon, they will also forever be an alumni of the tribe they're in. Really cool tradition.

Speaking of tradition, how cool would it be if there was a Commander-in-Chief's Trophy awarded in lacrosse? All three academies don't currently play each other every year. Air Force and Army will face off this year in Houston but Navy isn't on the Falcons' schedule. The service academy rivalries are some of the best in sports, and it would be awesome to carry some of that tradition over to lacrosse beyond just Army and Navy.”

Coach Eric Seremet


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