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Coach David George Quotes

College Coach for Softball at Brigham Young University-Hawaii


David George Quotes

“Champions do not live credit card lives...they pay the price long before the game starts.

Re: Pitching Coach
Postby HHW » July 2nd, 2011, 3:25 pm

my daughter goes to Dave George. Dave is an instructer at Heavy Hitters Warehouse. I like Dave cause he works one on one in the Heavy Hitters Facility. My daughter loves working with him cause he can do what he teaches. Its nice workin indoors out of he heat.
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Re: Pitching Coach
Postby MrBill » July 2nd, 2011, 5:34 pm

I know Dave George. My DD went to him for hitting instruction and we also know him as an umpire. Dave is a great guy and very dedicated to the girls.

Regarding pitching coaches:


Nothing against pitching coaches, my DD has a GREAT one, but there are a ton of pitching coaches that can teach your daughter the basics, how to throw all the pitches, etc, etc. but ultimately it comes down to hard work, practice and more practice. My DD has been pitching since she was 8. She is now 12 and is a pretty good pitcher (if I do say so myself :D ), but it is mostly due to me spending time on the bucket and her spending time pitching, pitching and pitching. IMO, a pitching coach that your DD "connects" with and gets motivation from is the type of coach to look for!


Coach David George


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