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“give me all you got for 3 minutes then trust your teammates to do the same”
Coach Steve Hardin   ...more

“He doesn't know the meaning of the word fear, but then again he doesn't know the meaning of most words.”
Coach Bobby Bowden   ...more

“Success is never final; failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts”
Coach John Wooden   ...more

“I am clueless about the game. My peers think I am this wonderful coach when really I am a legend in my own mind.”
Coach Ron Faubion   ...more

“Come on muscles!”
Coach Art Busha   ...more

“AAAR--Always Angry, Always Relentless”
Coach Jim Purtill   ...more

“Ability without Mobility is useless.”
Coach Thomas Goines   ...more

“Q: Do you have a motto?

A: Last year, I listened to “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle probably seven or eight times. One of the principles is, “Work harder. Be nice.” I hear that a lot in my mind”

Coach Lu Harris-Champer   ...more

“The fun never goes out, but it changes with the years, with winning and losing.”
Coach Bear Bryant   ...more

“When my dad died at 15 [of a heart attack], ... one of the sacred places I could go was with a ball, a hoop and a dream - by myself. It's one of the few sports that allows you to do that. In those moments of solitude, I was able to work out some of my life issues. It was a very difficult time for me.”
Coach Jim Calhoun   ...more

“Believe deep down in your heart that you're destined to do great things.”
Coach Joe Paterno   ...more

“I dont need this job, you've seen my house you've seen my car.”
Coach Leigh Mullins   ...more

“Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together, Have Fun!”
Coach Dic Doumanian   ...more

“You're either the pigeon or the statue.”
Coach Gary Tuell   ...more

“Step on their THROATS!!!”
Coach Shandy Ellis-Brown   ...more

“I’ll be the only coach in the country who brings his sons to the school he coaches for. And he will start every game despite hitting .100 for his career and he will he catching, despite never throwing a base runner out. And I will bring a second son in too that’s just as bad. Meanwhile I’ll complain about how kids are now In days so entitled.”
Coach Mick Janosko   ...more

“You guys can show up tomorrow in flip-flops and g-strings for all I care”
Coach Tim Whittle   ...more

“You are just too sensitive like all girls”
Coach Peter Krech   ...more

“A token of gratitude always strikes for the heart.”
Coach Don Jayroe   ...more

“Far more teams fail to achieve success because they lack ability to develop team culture rather than because they lack good direction or knowledge of the game.”
Coach Kasey McBrearty   ...more

“BP Fastball is what we will throw, not a change up. The BP Fastball is a fastball that you slow your arm down on.”
Coach Justin Bergman   ...more

“Dedicated and great passion for the game”
Coach Dave Harnish   ...more

“"you have to decide what's important to you, academics or hockey"”
Coach Tracy Johnson   ...more

“You need to go to the keg parties even if you don't drink to be one of the guys." (His horrible advice to a high character player at Samford University, a Christian University)”
Coach Chris Hatcher   ...more

“Take care of the basketball or I'm going to fuck your mother in the ass tonight.”
Coach Phil Bartlett   ...more

“I hide my players according to my own biased view at the moment and how pretty they are, and wont put them in until a full emotional breakdown on the sideline affects the team play of the 11 and 12 year old girls. My parents taught me this and so much more and they are proud of my behavior!!”
Coach Matt Cohen   ...more

“Trust the process”
Coach Michael Holman   ...more

“It's a little thing, but it's everything."”
Coach Aston Rhoden   ...more

“Oh Piotti Nuggets”
Coach Bob Piotti   ...more

“Did you see how tight Sonia's a$$ is? Would love a piece of that.”
Coach Bryan Brown   ...more

“to have composure and stressed his players to keep things in the proper ,.

I told them if they were to win, they would each have to improve, have their best games of the year. Keep in mind its just a game. Win or lose be true gentlemen. I told them, You are prepared to win, I told them they would remember game and moment and would want it again, they would if they won this game."

Van Boschetti to his 1981 NCS Champions Miramonte High School Football team before the Campolindo game. In truth the final top 10 in 2A.
1. Miramonte
2. Campolindo
3. Alhambra
4. San Lorenzo
5. Piedmont
6. De La Salle
7. Skyline

Coach Van Boschetti   ...more

“It's not how you start; it's how you finish that counts!”
Coach John Marzka   ...more



Coach Joe Kinney   ...more

“Oh my god we lost another one.”
Coach Pat Horvath   ...more

“I'm going to put you through HELL.”
Coach Mark Crabtree   ...more

“If you don't hold your follow through, I'll take your scholarship”
Coach Darryl Jacobs   ...more

“Come on boys, it's time to Smitty up!”
Coach Bryan Mallette   ...more

“Champions do not live credit card lives...they pay the price long before the game starts.

Re: Pitching Coach
Postby HHW » July 2nd, 2011, 3:25 pm

my daughter goes to Dave George. Dave is an instructer at Heavy Hitters Warehouse. I like Dave cause he works one on one in the Heavy Hitters Facility. My daughter loves working with him cause he can do what he teaches. Its nice workin indoors out of he heat.
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Re: Pitching Coach
Postby MrBill » July 2nd, 2011, 5:34 pm

I know Dave George. My DD went to him for hitting instruction and we also know him as an umpire. Dave is a great guy and very dedicated to the girls.

Regarding pitching coaches:


Nothing against pitching coaches, my DD has a GREAT one, but there are a ton of pitching coaches that can teach your daughter the basics, how to throw all the pitches, etc, etc. but ultimately it comes down to hard work, practice and more practice. My DD has been pitching since she was 8. She is now 12 and is a pretty good pitcher (if I do say so myself :D ), but it is mostly due to me spending time on the bucket and her spending time pitching, pitching and pitching. IMO, a pitching coach that your DD "connects" with and gets motivation from is the type of coach to look for!


Coach David George   ...more

“There's Progress in the Process!”
Coach Bryan Hearn   ...more

“Don't wait for a slump to end. Make it happen.”
Coach Bob Ginsburg   ...more

“After striking a player in the nose while talking:

"you should not have been standing there"

No apology ever for hitting a girl and giving her a bloody nose.”

Coach Matt Potter   ...more

“Sarah, you might be right. It would probably be easier to coach this team if we only had white girls.”
Coach Jason Francis   ...more

“You guys are fucking pussies!”
Coach Stephany Dunmyer   ...more

“You must "elude" confidence.”
Coach Chuck Moller   ...more

“It's not your fault we lost.. I did a poor job recruiting. NONE OF YOU WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR!”
Coach Bruce Atkinson   ...more

Coach Pat Carlisle   ...more

“I'm gonna make you watch this YouTube video to motivate you guys.”
Coach Trevor Ferrell   ...more

“You are an F*$!ing hormone ragging crazy lunatic, slow the F*$! down and pay attention to the game"”
Coach Jeff Nelson   ...more

“I can't believe I'm wasting my time caoching you losers, we dont ever practice as poorly as we play”
Coach Jacque Hoak   ...more

“Its a little thing, but an important thing."”
Coach Dan Smith   ...more

“"What did you shoot? 79... Oh, that's just weak son."”
Coach Willie Williams   ...more

“Get to the ball!!!!!”
Coach Art Wilkins   ...more

Coach Russ Cunningham   ...more

“If I had a rope I would tie it around your neck and choke the s**t out of you."”
Coach Darcie Vincent   ...more

“Everything Matters”
Coach RaeAnne Boothe   ...more

“"Good coaches brings out good quality of play out of a talented player"”
Coach Frank Vernacchio   ...more

“I just farted rainbow dust”
Coach Matt Wilhite   ...more

“Only one person graded me - I did not play her, because she was so bad if I put her in the game she'd get hurt!”
Coach Paul Garziano   ...more

“Right person, right spot.”
Coach Dan Gierlak   ...more

“There are none - he doesn't coach - he just disciplines- he should have been a prison guard.”
Coach Pete Egbert   ...more

“A winning team has a captain who is a leader during the off season, the practice, the real game and in the locker room.”
Coach Wolfgang Lucena   ...more

“'You guys are such pussys that...that I'd bet you'd sit around and watch your own sisters get raped." (2000 season at MSU-Billings, half time pep talk)”
Coach Craig Carse   ...more

“Perfect practice makes perfect.”
Coach Stephanie Gaitley   ...more

“Discipline yourself and no one else has to.”
Coach Ben Somera   ...more

“Labas Sigi,
Kaip laikaisi?

Tomas Samulevicius”

Coach Sigitas Rudokas   ...more

“There's a reason they put student first, not athlete. You need to remember what your priority is.”
Coach Jim Dietz   ...more

“" I f***ing own you! "”
Coach Kory Hartman   ...more

“Try and fail but don't fail to try”
Coach Jason McFall   ...more

“C'mon doggies we can do it”
Coach Tom Shea   ...more

“Get Ready to Die Tomorrow
(threatening her players after losing a game)”

Coach Whitney Harness   ...more

“Who let the dogs out”
Coach Mike Cupples   ...more

“Hey Pete Leeewa, was that a government computer?”
Coach Bill George   ...more

“educational success through soccer”
Coach Aaron Miller   ...more


Brentford Lawn Tennis Club in UK, ON (Middlesex Region’s Premier year round tennis facility) is looking for Coaches and players to join our team.

Position start: May, 2013
We are in search of a dynamic coaches and players who has a proven track record working independently with a group of junior players and also one who functions well as part of a team. The ideal candidate will bring experience developing junior recreational players into tournament calibre athletes. Working within a team of five coaches, this coach will focus on the under-11 high performance players as well as adult group lessons and ladies teams.

The ideal candidate will have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, be punctual, reliable and organized. Private lessons will be available on a limited basis.

Coach High Performance players under the age of 11.
Coach Advanced players up to the age of 18.
Assist with Junior recreational players from ages 5 to 18.
Coach adult group lessons and assist with ladies team practices as assigned.

Tennis Certification: Coach 1 / Club Pro 1 or equivalent Minimum 3 years experience in a professional environment

Brentford offers competitive wages commensurate with applicant's qualifications and experience. This is an annual contract position.

Application Process
Applications will be accepted until: September 10, 2013
Please include a cover letter, Resume and contact details of two references.
Send applications to: Scot Fred, Head Tennis

Email: info.brentfordltc@gmail.com”

Coach Hutton Jones   ...more

“Freakin' Holy Crap!!!”
Coach Jamon Copeland   ...more

“Expect the unexpected”
Coach John Witkowski   ...more

“When you score more runs than the other team, you win 90% of the time”
Coach Vince Masco   ...more

“It's not my fault that none of the girls on the team are performing well. It's their fault. I have my level 2.”
Coach Jason Francis   ...more

“Catch the ball with two hands everytime and pass the ball with two hands everytime”
Coach Bill Damuth   ...more

“"You're fucking selfish. You're horse shit."”
Coach Jenny Condon   ...more

Coach Dan Cocannouer   ...more

“Spoke with Air Force coach Eric Seremet for a while. Sounds like the Falcons are going to be really young this year but that Seremet has laid some good groundwork for future success. He also told me about a pretty cool tradition that's been started. Each year, the team is divided into six tribes based on the six nations, and they compete with each other in three physical events throughout the season, which is called the Trifecta. The first two events are Eagles Peak and Stanley Canyon, both hikes of varying intensity degrees right on the Air Force Academy. The third and final event is the Incline, a grueling workout in Manitou Springs that was part of the IL Fitness Forum over the summer.

The tribes go beyond just the competition, as each tribe eats meals together and spends a considerable amount of time together in various activities off the field. A senior is designated as a leader for each tribe and together with the coaching staff conducts a draft to determine what players will be assigned to which tribe for the entirety of their lacrosse career. The thought for the future is that just as the cadets will forever associated with their platoon, they will also forever be an alumni of the tribe they're in. Really cool tradition.

Speaking of tradition, how cool would it be if there was a Commander-in-Chief's Trophy awarded in lacrosse? All three academies don't currently play each other every year. Air Force and Army will face off this year in Houston but Navy isn't on the Falcons' schedule. The service academy rivalries are some of the best in sports, and it would be awesome to carry some of that tradition over to lacrosse beyond just Army and Navy.”

Coach Eric Seremet   ...more

“The deal is I have to like it because we have about seven or eight players who aren't practicing right now due to some injuries. We would have a very thin team if we played next week”
Coach Jerry Kill   ...more

Coach Stephanie Radecki   ...more

“We have to get the water in the rock”
Coach Jon Sjogren   ...more

“Winners make it happen losers let it happen”
Coach Torey Crowell   ...more

“I try to see each new season as a new challenge because I have a new team to work with, new opponents to encounter, and often new ideas and theories to try.”
Coach Mike Krzyzewski   ...more

“You have to make shots. That's the bottom line.”
Coach Pat Summitt   ...more

“We have spots to fill and a lot of younger guys we have to assimilate. It's just like every year. We have a lot to get done in three weeks.”
Coach John Gagliardi   ...more

“Work Hard, Think Ahead, and Have Fun”
Coach Jim Plumer   ...more

“Louisiana has a heritage of great players that play their high school football within the boundaries of Louisiana.”
Coach Les Miles   ...more

“All I can say is that I'm going to try to coach the way I've coached in the past. And if it ends up not being good enough, then so be it.”
Coach Steve Spurrier   ...more

“Minimize the damage.”
Coach Michael Diehl   ...more

“How can you be the perfect Wells Men's Soccer Player..
Your body is telling you no, but your mind is telling you yes..”

Coach Dan Kane   ...more

“I started the season at 215 lbs and I'm down to 195. I can't sleep or eat because I care about this team so much.”
Coach Lance Gordon   ...more

Coach Sheila Perkins   ...more

“I know this works, I watch world cup games.”
Coach Sheila Miech   ...more

“Toes on the line.”
Coach Mika Robinson   ...more

“Cant wait to have a girls team at SWU in 2012-2013”
Coach Doug Wilkinson   ...more


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