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Coach's Name - College
57/F Christina Plew-Whitlock - Le Moyne College   Softball
64/D Brad McAlester - Lebanon Valley College   Men's Basketball
66/D Don Jayroe - Lee University   Men's Cross Country
94/A Andrea Hudson - Lee University   Women's Volleyball
73/C- Marty Rowe - Lee University   Women's Basketball
100/A+ Matt Yelton - Lee University   Women's Soccer
64/D Don Jayroe - Lee University   Women's Cross Country
56/F Sean Leary - Lehigh University   Baseball
100/A+ Wolfgang Lucena - CUNY Lehman College   Women's Volleyball
74/C Andy Cavins - LeTourneau University   Women's Volleyball
61/D- Jim Toman - Liberty University   Baseball
99/A+ Shane Pinder - Liberty University   Women's Volleyball
63/D- Kevin Vees - Limestone College   Men's Cross Country
61/D- Robert Gecan - Limestone College   Women's Swimming
93/A Jim Dietz - Lincoln Land Community College   Women's Volleyball
53/F Ted Greenhouse - Illinois Institute of Technology   Men's Swimming
100/A+ Dennis Strouse - Lock Haven University   Cheerleading
71/C- Mike Weathers - California State University-Long Beach   Baseball
54/F Pat Breen - Longwood University   Men's Tennis
50/F Mack Cleveland - Los Angeles City College   Men's Basketball
100/A+ Pat Grennan ? - Los Angeles Pierce College   Softball
100/A+ Frankie Garcia - Los Angeles Valley College   Softball
100/A+ Les Miles - Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College   Football
98/A+ Kerry Rupp - Louisiana Tech University   Men's Basketball
95/A Ken Hyland - Malone University   Men's Golf
100/A+ Dan Mecca - Manhattan College   Men's Track
54/F Mark Jones - Manhattan College   Women's Volleyball
100/A+ Michael Rohl - Mansfield University of Pennsylvania   Men's Cross Country
94/A Craig Peltonen - Marian University   Men's Soccer
55/F Jody Bronson - Marquette University   Women's Tennis
96/A Bond Shymansky - Marquette University   Women's Volleyball
98/A+ Meredith Knight - Marshall University   Women's Golf
92/A- Bill Finney - Marymount University   Women's Basketball
98/A+ Mike Sigler - Maryville University of Saint Louis   Baseball
93/A- Nathan Chin - Mayville State University   Football
70/D+ Tim Keating - McDaniel College   Football
100/A+ Michael Diehl - McDaniel College   Women's Golf
94/A Tim Grove - McMurry University   Men's Soccer
97/A+ Tim Grove - McMurry University   Women's Soccer
62/D- Mike McCormick - McPherson College   Softball
62/D- Susan Barton - McPherson College   Women's Volleyball
62/D- Danielle Stines - Menlo College   Softball
55/F Jason Gregory - Mercer University   Cheerleading
100/A+ Corinne Baker - Merrimack College   Women's Lacrosse
69/D+ Ron Simpson - Methodist University   Softball
69/D+ Warren Mandrell - Miami University-Oxford   Men's Track
95/A Tom Izzo - Michigan State University   Men's Basketball
81/B- David Oesch - Mid-Continent University   Men's Soccer
50/F Aston Rhoden ? - Middle Tennessee State University   Women's Soccer
79/C+ Bill Maskill - Midwestern State University   Football
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