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Coach Trevor Miele ?

C+ · 78/100 · 52 ratings

Former Coach for Men's Swimming at New York University - [add camp link]

Knowledge of SportB-
Technical TrainingC
Game StrategyB-
Communication SkillsC
Cares for Athlete's Well-BeingC
Organizational SkillsB-
Dedication and Loyalty to ProgramB-
Fairness of Playing TimeC+
Openness to Student AthletesC
Quality of StaffB-
Quality of PracticesC
Overall GradeC

Would you play for this coach? (again)
Yes: 44.2%
No: 55.8%

General Comments, Funny Stories, etc.

"Well, Coach Trevor has reached a new low!!! This weekend, NYU hosted the annual NYU Invitational. In addition to NYU, participating teams included Princeton University, Stevens Institute and Drew University. On the NYU website, Trevor reported that NYU had won both the Men's and Women's meets, defeating Division 1 Princeton along with Division 3 Stevens and Drew. Unfortunately, Trevor conveniently forgot to mention that Princeton only participated in ONE of the three sessions over the weekend. Not only did they only participate in a third of the events, Princeton destroyed the rest of the swimmers in each of the events that they did participate in - grabbing typically the top three to five spots in each and every swim (check out Meet Mobile for the results of the Saturday morning session ). Once again, Trevor has demonstrated he is willing to twist the truth and exaggerate the facts in any way possible to try to make NYU into something it is not - a top tier D3 program. I wonder if Princeton appreciates Trevor making it look like NYU beat them in a meet - something that would never happen." - 11/11/2019

"This is my third year on the team and my third coach. Trever's criteria for hiring an assistant coach is that they recently swam on the NYU team and taught NYU kiddie camp. No collegiate or club team experience required. Trevor lists four assistant coaches but two are volunteer coaches that are rarely on the deck, and just stand around socializing with each other when they do show up. That's all messed up. it's a waste being on this team. Only thing trevor is passionate about is himself - he has no leadership skills." - 9/28/2019

"I swam for the NYU team for 2 years and during that time Trevor said about two words to me. He was never at my group's practices and did not coach me once.Trevor never said anything to me at meets. Trevor is non approachable if you are not in his group, and he just totally ignored me as I saw he did to a lot of swimmers. He turned out to be a coach who rather sit in his office instead of actually coaching out on the deck and coaching all the groups.Beware of his mass emails to literally thousands of recruits off of collegeswimming.com. What a joke. His strengths are being a good salesman and being dishonest." - 6/19/2019

"Proof Trevor can't get a team ready for big meets. NYU Men's team had worst showing ever. Only 2 freshmen and 1 sophomore make it to Nationals, scoring 11 points. NO RELAY teams, worst season recorded since Trevor has been coaching at NYU. Times were faster this year and every other team had relays and good showings at Nationals except Trevor's men. Recruits, when Trevor is bragging about the women's team (Honor Collins was absolutely sick!!) ask him why the men's team was non-existent. Not exactly trending to a National Championship like Trevor likes to promote to recruits!! He probably has already devised an invalid excuse for his awful coaching." - 3/28/2019

"Blame the swimmer, it's never Trevor, its always the swimmer - according to Trevor. "must be something else going on with that swimmer - it sounds like that swimmer placed a higher priority for the internship than swimming." This is D3 swimming and what serious student would not place importance on an internship, especially when NYU comes with a price tag of $72K a year and they give out very little or no money compared to other universities? Why is a long time ago swimmer on this page making multiple comments over the course of a year calling other swimmers "crazy" because their experience with Trevor was negative? At other universities, most D3 swimmers do an internship or are required to do a paid coop to graduate. Trevor does not treat all swimmers the same. He is unreasonably hard on some and not others, and that includes communicating and his unwillingness to work on schedules. Trevor has a hard with the truth." - 3/18/2019

"The post about him not being accommodating for internships is crazy. He has always supported swimmers looking to do internships and has made major changes to swimmers schedules â including mine- to make it work. None of my friends that swam at other schools were even allowed to do internships during their swim season. It seems like there was something else going on with that person and that person placed a much higher priority for the internship over swimming" - 2/22/2019

"Reading the negative reviews I would definitely say they are accurate and similar to my experience on the team and dealing with Trevor. Every coach expects you to work hard, that is not just Trevor. Trevor's personality is to coach by intimidation and yelling. This was definitely the norm when I was on the team. He was not supportive at all with conflicts with my class schedule and the practice schedule. He was not supportive of working out at schedule with my internship mumbling, "it's always the fucking schedule." When I compare my swimming experience at NYU and coaching with my friends at different programs, it validates how bad of a coach Trevor really is." - 2/2/2019

"I enjoyed my time on the team and I have a good relationship with him. I have seen Trevor get upset at practice with swimmers not working hard or breaking team rules, but that has been very infrequently over the past few years.

I have some rough times personally during college and Trevor was very supportive and helped me a lot." - 1/21/2019

"The worst experience I had attending NYU was easily swimming for Trevor on NYU team. Winning is only about Trevor and making him look good not about the student athlete. He will do anything to win including making other coaches and programs look bad. Trevor is a poor, negative, ieffective coach who seems to think stomping on swimmers self esteem makes them better. He actually told me I swim better and faster when he doesn't yell at me." - 12/2/2018

"40 reviews and numerous negative ratings-something is obviously very wrong with this coach and program. Not a good recruit trip" - 11/5/2018

"I swam 4 years at NYU and dropped a lot of time. Trevor expects you to work hard." - 10/29/2018

"I swam for Trevor and had have a great time" - 10/24/2018

"My favorite Story of Trevor: His kids running around the deck during a meet as a crazed Trevor finally gets each kid under his arms, carrying them around screaming, "F$!#, F$!#" as all the timing systems failed. A NYU women's team member had to tell him not to use that word around his children. The looks on the other parents and spectators faces was memorable as they watched the chaos unfold." - 10/18/2018

"Doesn't know how to develop his own swimmers. He relies on transfers from fast D1 programs to make points. The team will never be a national powerhouse due to his ego and lack of coaching/people skills." - 9/24/2018

"Trevor needs to stop asking his swimmers to grade him!! We have classes, labs and finals! And that goes for his captains asking us to grade him A+. He is a crappy coach." - 5/16/2018

"I had a good experience on the team and got along with trevor." - 4/15/2018

"To all recruits: please know that the Trevor you meet on your trip is NOT the Trevor that will coach you. Good coaches help you improve, Trevor will either talk you down or not say anything to you at all." - 4/13/2018

"Unprofessional, unsupportive, underqualified. Does not foster a respectful atmosphere conducive for team or individual success." - 4/12/2018

"I swam for trevor and it was one of the worst experiences. Not an authenicate coach or person. I know many other teammates felt the same way." - 12/3/2017

"I was part of Trevorâs 1st recruiting class at NYU and I saw the team go from one of the worst in the nation to one of the best. Trevor pushed us hard and expects his swimmers to work hard. I was able to swim and hold down an internship while being on the team and Trevor helped work out a schedule to let that happen. Heâs intense, funny and passionate and I am super glad I went to NYU and swam for him." - 11/29/2017

"Not a quality program, not a good coach, but Trevor is very good at working the system to look like he is. All image and no substance, the "recruiting Trevor" is far from the real coaching Trevor. Team lacks focus, discipline and integrity. Tired of his screaming and swearing at swimmers during practices and meets. There comes a time and age a swimmer doesn't need a negative coach in his ear. Support is only from assistant coaches, not from Trevor." - 11/10/2017

"I swam for Trevor for 4 years and I loved my experience!" - 10/29/2017

"Given the fact that seven All-Americans left the team after 2016 D3 Nationals, clearly there's a problem with the coach and program. Not a fan of this coach's bad sportsmanship and poor behavior." - 6/17/2017

"The Donald Trump of coaches." - 4/17/2017

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