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Coach Steve Wagner male coach

B · 84/100 · 5 ratings

Former Coach for Women's Lacrosse at Gannon University - [add camp link]

Knowledge of SportB+
Technical TrainingB
Game StrategyA-
Communication SkillsC
Cares for Athlete's Well-BeingC
Organizational SkillsC
Dedication and Loyalty to ProgramB+
Fairness of Playing TimeB+
Openness to Student AthletesC+
Quality of StaffC+
Quality of PracticesC+
Overall GradeC+

Would you play for this coach? (again)
Yes: 40.0%
No: 60.0%

General Comments, Funny Stories, etc.

"He made me a better player. And its interesting looking at the reviews. I would imagine that those players and teamates of mine were the ones sitting on the bench and were not tough enough mentally to play the sport. He is tough and yells but really doesnt care. Sound like either the parent wrote it or the player is a baby and Im embarressed that you were a college teamate of mine" - 12/11/2012

"In all my years of coaching and being around excellent coaches, I've only seen one other coach who was as destructive as Steve Wagner. In both cases they left a wake of good talent that left their respective sports. Wagner is soul crushing. He's demeaning, threatening, and classless to boot. Coaches like Wagner are why good players leave athletics. It is said that he knows alot about lacrosse, but that alone does not make a good coach. He know very little about positive reinforcement nor does he care to learn. Very often, one mistake and your screamed at(with every expletive known to man), or yanked. He uses fear and degredation as his main tools of motivation. Self esteem is his target. One more comment on his foul mouth. I have worked in construction. I thought I heard every disgusting word and variation one could thing of, but this guy takes the cake. I won't comment any further other than to say he has said things to girls I've never heard uttered before. He is currently starting a lacross program at St. Benedictine in Naperville, Illinois. I'm shocked he's getting another chance. I would strongly recommend that young players stay away from Coach Wagner if enjoyment of the game is important to them. He in my opinion, an embarrassment to coaching." - 1/3/2012

"The worst coach my daughter has ever played for. He may know the game, but he knows nothing about treating players with respect. An embarrassment to Gannon. Glad he's gone. I'm surprised no one has filed charges against him for the verbal abuse." - 8/24/2011

"My experience with this coach is as follows. He ruined the game of lacrosse for me. He constantly berates players and makes them feel worthless. He is extremely negative and very rarely gives out positive feedback. He is uncommunicative. This is not a coach you can go to if you need anything. He doesn't have an open door policy. I would not suggest playing this under this coach." - 12/3/2010

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167051 31132 41 2014 Lindsey Lowman ? ? ? ? -
140096 31132 41 2013 Lindsey Lowman ? ? ? ? -
87154 31132 41 2012 Lindsey Lowman ? ? ? ? -
60327 7122 41 2011 Steve Wagner ? ? ? ? -
7437 7122 41 2010 Steve Wagner ? ? ? ? -

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