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C · 76/100 · 1 rating

Former Coach for Men's Track at Florida International University - [add camp link]

Knowledge of SportC-
Technical TrainingC-
Game StrategyC-
Communication SkillsB
Cares for Athlete's Well-BeingC-
Organizational SkillsD+
Dedication and Loyalty to ProgramB+
Fairness of Playing TimeA+
Openness to Student AthletesC+
Quality of StaffB
Quality of PracticesD-
Overall GradeC-

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"I believe Ryan is an un-qualified throws coach at the Division 1 Collegiate level. The few athletes he has had do well were unrelated to his coaching, these athletes have proven that they did well because of their own hard work. This is shown by them leaving our program and excelling at UCF and ECU. One even setting a new UCF record in the Hammer throw. The opposite has happened for those who are still part of the FIU Track and Field throws program under the direction of Ryan Heberling, in fact all of the athletes have shown regression or have plateaued since the second meet.
Ryan has shown time and again that he does not have a full understanding of the throwing events: Javelin, Hammer, Weight, Discus and Shot-Put. Examples of his lack of knowledge are:
• In the shot-put he is currently teaching Terrissa to hop during her glide, this is counter-productive because she losing all power, the glide is supposed to be taught and you push from the heel in a “gliding” motion across the circle, this has been brought to his attention but he disagrees.
• Another example is in the Hammer, he teaches all his athletes the Hammer throw as a “main” event. His lack of knowledge is shown in his repetitions of mistakes, the only mistake that Ryan apparently can see are, “get your right foot down faster”, “Push harder off the whined”, “Stop leaning”, “Turn your hand”. These are the only things Ryan points out and apparently the only things he thinks effect the Hammer throw. I have had other coaches and athletes from other teams come up to me and explain in detail what I’m doing wrong, examples: “Change your low point, you’re too small to drag the hammer”, “Suck in your stomach and flex your abs as you push to help keep you up right”, “Turn your left foot instead of just leaving it there to help you keep balance”, “at the 180 degree spot, start to extend your shoulders like you’re pushing something to help keep your balance”, none of them related to what Ryan says, I tell him these things (not mentioning other coaches and athletes point them out, just as a possibility) and he ignores them and says, “just stop leaning” or he just brushes them off, then a week later he will agree with everything I said prior but he will pass it off as he came up with the ideas himself. Ryan also refuses to teach Hammer to left handed people, if you’re left handed Ryan will teach you to be right handed, because Ryan has said, “it’s harder to teach it lefty.”
• Ryan was an okay Javelin thrower when in college, he says he threw 55m. Problem is he does not know how to coach it. He only knows the fork grip (which is considered the “beginner grip” for Javelin throwers). He doesn’t understand the concept of having to shift weight from the back foot to the front foot as demonstrated when he kept telling me throw with my weight on my back foot and when I mentioned I’m supposed to shift my weight (as was told to me by EVERY Javelin I have talked to, over the internet and in person), Ryan acted surprised and tried to pass off, “Well yeah, keep your weight back then shift forward.” Ryan attempts to show what technique is supposed to look like by doing a throw himself, usually resulting in a throw with worse technique than the athlete had. Ryan doesn’t seem to know how to teach the proper technique for the throw motion of a Javelin, personally for me I had to raise my arm up higher, it took me watching Youtube videos to find that out, than I mention it to Ryan and he goes, “Yeah that would probably work.”
• In the Weight it is similar to the Hammer. Ryan doesn’t seem to understand the changing of low points and turning of the feet.
• In the discus he has demonstrated some knowledge of the technique, holding the arm up, kicking the back leg across the circle to generate force into the throw, but this has been shown the be all he can point out when done incorrectly and he has shown little ability to actually coach the technique, but more-so than the other events.
Ryan has also stopped recruiting male throwers, under the assumption men are harder to train and has shown special interest in new freshman thrower. Making them come in at a different time for one on one sessions and giving them extra attention at meets. Ryan knows the Throws events are essential to winning a track meet and him refusing to recruit male throwers for whatever reason shows he doesn’t believe the Men’s Track team can win.
Ryan Heberling can be best described as the security monitor from the LifeLock commercial; A bank robber and friends break into a bank, everyone is scared and a women asks the security monitor, “Why aren’t you doing anything!?” and he says, “Oh I am a security monitor, I only alert you if there is a robbery.”; Ryan is the security monitor, he only alerts you when you’re doing something wrong, but doesn’t seem to know how to fix what is wrong." - 4/25/2016

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