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Coach Rob Bielan ?

A- · 92/100 · 8 ratings

Former Coach for Women's Soccer at Saint Peter's College - [add camp link]

Knowledge of SportA-
Technical TrainingB+
Game StrategyA
Communication SkillsA-
Cares for Athlete's Well-BeingA
Organizational SkillsA
Dedication and Loyalty to ProgramA
Fairness of Playing TimeA
Openness to Student AthletesA-
Quality of StaffB+
Quality of PracticesA-
Overall GradeB+

Would you play for this coach? (again)
Yes: 85.7%
No: 14.3%

General Comments, Funny Stories, etc.

"So it's true people rated coach B on here lol. I will be brief about Coach B. He treated me and the team professionally. He stuck his neck out for certain players when they didn't deserve it. He made me a better and more confident player. I would of left earlier if he never came to SPU and YES I would play for him again." - 12/29/2018

"I wanted a smaller school with more attention to the player and I received this at SPU. I was not home sick but if I was Coach B was a phone call away as were his assistants. I embraced his team discipline and me and some of the newer players like the transfers from community college followed his seasonal plan. Due to injury and a few distractions on the team which came in the way of players we never reached our true potential for the season. I wish finished my years at SPU with coach B." - 12/16/2018

"When we announced an opening for a new head coach I wanted someone with passion and dedication but most importantly someone who could sell our product and bring in the numbers to play including the student athletes being good citizens. Coach Bielan was known in the New Jersey and the NCAA for turning a failing program into a conference competitor at D3 and strengthening his roster from minimal student athletes to filling a bench. One of the main reasons we chose him to turn this womenâs team around is simple math, without players there is not a team. Our focus for him was to strengthen the ranks of womenâs soccer at the university as this has always been a challenge here to recruit and retain. This program was handed to him with 7 players on the roster and by his hard work we had enough to field a team of 15 at season start, including a goalie. This ensured that the seniors would have a season and the foundation of young players and future numbers was now set moving forward. We were very pleased with Coach Bielan as my choice to lead the Peacocks and I say confidently that he completed all expectations set forth by myself and the university. I personally would reach out to Coach, lobby and bring him on staff at any other juncture where I was involved without hesitation." - 2/17/2018

"When Coach Rob came to the school (my daughters 3rd coach in 4 years) I just wanted her to have a good senior year. Coach Rob made that happen. My daughter and I during her senior season wished he had come sooner. I am happy he came here for her last season but in keeping with Saint Peter's tradition, he will not receive the support from the university and they will not allow him to discipline the players as this bunch is unruly. God Bless this ,am and his family, again we wish she had him all 4 years. (my daughter did the grading aspect)" - 3/14/2017

"He recruited me and told me my ability would dictate my playing time. He allowed me to work my way into starting position as a freshman and encouraged me and my teammates daily. He tried to create a competitive environment but some players didn't like it, they assumed they were going to play on the seniority. Coach Rob was huge on making us clean up our field and bench area after games and practice and tired to make us proud of our facility which was disgusting and getting worse by the day. Best memory was when he had team at his house for a BBQ and made us turkey burgers and we watched Disney Movies with his daughters. I was there for him and some of the other girls." - 12/27/2016

"Program never had support of school and facility is covered with goose droppings. Dorm environment not a healthy environment.Coach stayed positive and kept us together and tried to reel in players who didn't deserve his fairness. Returning upper-class and 5th year players had severe entitlement issues and poisoned the new recruits in preseason keeping the business as usual there. The troublemakers transferred out after damaging and splitting up the team. I still loved the academics and certain members of my team. I would have stayed there if coach decided to stay on instead of retiring after season." - 11/3/2016

"Coach tried to instill diciplin to a program where there never was any. Some returning players who had been through a rough time before him did not embrace our new coach and did not show respect from the beginning. One returner in particular immediately divided us on the team and carried her personal relationships onto the field and focused more on dating freshmen then training. Coach and some of us never stood a chance and many of us could not count on our teammates and I never should have transferred in. There were good times but the senior player and her minions crippled us all. I still keep in touch with Coach and certain players." - 10/26/2016

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id cid spid Year Head Coach Winning % Wins Losses Ties Championships / Awards  
177584 41360 46 2014 Rob Bielan ? ? ? ? ? -
150723 29183 46 2013 Brett Sarsfield ? ? ? ? -
97924 31866 46 2012 Elizabeth Barna ? ? ? ? -
71161 29183 46 2011 Brett Sarsfield ? ? ? ? -
18688 18057 46 2010 Shawn Tarquinio ? ? ? ? -

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