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C- · 73/100 · 4 ratings

Former Coach for Women's Soccer at University of Oklahoma Norman Campus - [add camp link]

Knowledge of SportA-
Technical TrainingB
Game StrategyB
Communication SkillsD-
Cares for Athlete's Well-BeingD-
Organizational SkillsB
Dedication and Loyalty to ProgramB-
Fairness of Playing TimeC
Openness to Student AthletesD-
Quality of StaffC
Quality of PracticesB-
Overall GradeD

Would you play for this coach? (again)
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General Comments, Funny Stories, etc.

"Matt Potter - Wow what a surprise the OU Women’s soccer team got this year with the departure of Associate Head Coach Graeme Abel to join the US Women’s National Team staff. He had recruited most of these student athletes, and while the players were excited for his much deserved promotion, they were also justifiably sad to see him go. He is a warm and caring coach who connects on a personal level with his players. What this team got in exchange unexpectedly, though, was a full-dose of Matt Potter.

Quickly, a pattern of behavior became apparent… One of pitting selected players against others whom Potter singles out. Athletes being encouraged to inform on teammates, even though the written team code dictates taking care of it amongst the young women. Of allowing those core players to make disciplinary decisions on peers (with his direction), and then working together to ostracize and eliminate those targeted. And most recently, a history of Potter holding ‘discussions’ with individual players where he demonstrates neither interest in hearing the athletes thoughts nor even learning the truth. Rather he uses these opportunities to ‘bully’ the player on what they did ‘wrong’ (he’s always right), and how the team would be better served if they were not around. Potter is hostile on the field, hostile when asked about student-athlete priorities, and passive-aggressive hostile in responding to questions on non-soccer related University activities.

By midpoint of the most recent Fall season, Matt Potter had already lost 4 athletes from his team, with more planning to depart at year end. There are also nine players who’ve left the program to pursue playing elsewhere in the short time he’s been in Norman. Not much else need be said. And while there should be little doubt that athletes, who’ve worked their entire lives to reach this level of competition, would find it incredibly hard to walk away from a sport they love, if present company is an indicator, the tradeoff of no Matt Potter makes it sadly palatable." - 12/29/2015

"Did speak with OUs Assistant Athletic Director - I am confident that the staff is aware of Potter's "ways" and will continue to monitor him. Just want any new commits or others considering OU to be aware of my experience with Potter." - 10/21/2015

"This coach is manipulative, passive aggressive, and hostile in every aspect. If he can use a player on the field they are lucky. if not, this coach strategically works on pitting his select group of players against others whom he singles out. He will lecture for hours but does not listen. it is his way or the highway. Team camaraderie is a thorn in this coach's eyes as it lessens his power and need for control. He plays head games with the girls and turns them against one another. This coach has made more girls give up a dream than any other in the conference." - 10/6/2015

"This coach plays head games with his players and isn't the kind of coach that promotes loyalty among his team. He tries ,to get his players to throw each other under the bus and creates undue tension with his leadership style. I'm sure it is difficult to make players feel worthy and part of a team when they don't play much but it is nevertheless important because all team members do the work to support the team. He appears unfriendly and dispassionate when it comes to the parents and it's great to know and understand the difference given my daughter's much improved situation at her new D-1 school. He has many happy former players at other schools now." - 10/13/2014

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Favorite Quote by Matt Potter

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“After striking a player in the nose while talking:

"you should not have been standing there"

No apology ever for hitting a girl and giving her a bloody nose.”

Coach Matt Potter


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id cid spid Year Head Coach Winning % Wins Losses Ties Championships / Awards  
181067 23646 46 2014 Matt Potter ? ? ? ? -
154235 23646 46 2013 Matt Potter ? ? ? ? -
101463 21625 46 2012 Nicole Nelson ? ? ? ? -
74713 21625 46 2011 Nicole Nelson ? ? ? ? -
22570 21625 46 2010 Nicole Nelson ? ? ? ? -

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