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D+ · 69/100 · 14 ratings

Former Coach for Women's Lacrosse at Mount Saint Mary College - [add camp link]

Knowledge of SportD+
Technical TrainingD+
Game StrategyD+
Communication SkillsC-
Cares for Athlete's Well-BeingC-
Organizational SkillsD
Dedication and Loyalty to ProgramD
Fairness of Playing TimeD-
Openness to Student AthletesD
Quality of StaffD
Quality of PracticesD-
Overall GradeC-

Would you play for this coach? (again)
Yes: 35.7%
No: 64.3%

General Comments, Funny Stories, etc.

"It's not just Lacrosse...
As young adults go away to a college it's an opportunity for them to develop and grow mostly on their own with the help of a professional support group. Common goals for colleges are competitive improvements in learning and critical thinking as well as learning how to make important personal choices on their own. Mount St. Mary College (MSMC) has taken a stance to publish and support an environment built around their mission and rules summarized by the phrases "Teach Me the Truth" and "Do the Right Thing".

When potential student athletes select a college, the choice of a DIV III school also provides the clear opportunity for academics as priority 1 and athletics as a serious but secondary priority. These rules, guidelines and lessons have been introduced in various places and methods at MSMC, as well as in sanctioning organizations.

A potential student athlete selecting a college for 4 years is presented with an important choice for both the student and the student's parents and it should be undertaken with extensive research. Based upon undisputable facts, I would say that you would be hard pressed to find a worse place than MSMC to send a potential Women's Lax player under the guidance of Julia Steese. Additionally even though other coaches currently at MSMC vary from good to great, I would be concerned about what would happen should they leave, based upon the actions or inactions of the MSMC administration and staff to maintain the environment that they profess.

While it would be great if the coach were liked by most of her players as well as her peers, this is not a critical need. And while it would be preferable for the coach to have a reasonable amount of LAX coaching skills and tools available, this is not critical either. What is disturbing is the fact that this coach lacks those qualities, as well as ignores rules and guidelines put in place to ensure a healthy and equal environment for academic, athletic, and personal growth. Additionally she has ignored her own imposed physical test criteria, her own imposed contract criteria, as well as the MSMC and NCAA guidelines dozens of times in the past 2 years. The consistent lying to players, cheating with the rules, and bullying tactics utilized with existing players has taught these young adults the wrong lessons and to "Do the Wrong Thing". These actions have also led to a higher than usual number (500%?, or maybe more) of her players to leave the team and MSMC itself, as well as creating an environment where the existing players need to lie to the coach to survive. It is quite easy to prove so many of these problems, with just a good review of the historical records and stats from MSMC and the Skyline conference, but I am going to suggest that is not necessarily enough.

You must find the best source of accurate information and that would be the players that lived and worked to build the MSMCWLAX team over the recent years.

Regardless of this coach, there have been many great student athletes on the MSMCWLAX team over the past few seasons. This was not a coincidence, nor did it come about by luck. Rather, these student athletes were selected and recruited by the previous coach, Rachel Simone. From scratch Coach Simone started the MSMCWLAX team with barely enough players to field a team. Through her excellent work ethic and huge talent she left the team with 27 potential real LAX players for the 2012 season. I cannot say enough about Coach Simone, but as I indicated earlier it is not necessary to have a fantastic coach, but it is critical to have one who is ethical, professional and who follows the rules so that a student/athlete's growth is positive in any form it takes.

The past MSMCWLAX players were academically strong and had a huge presence in the college activities. Many are Skyline weekly and yearly conference winners, many were in honor societies, many were in student government, many in SAAC, many were tutors, leadership fellows, tour guides and some two sport athletes. Certainly they do not represent an average MSMC student and each and every one of them have the integrity and personal strength to give you a very truthful summary of what has happened with MSMCWLAX. Even though I have not known them long, I feel privileged that I could watch these great kids learn, grow, succeed and become great people.

Here is a list of every team captain over the past 3 seasons, their position and something to ask them to break the ice when you speak with them:

2012 - This season was before Ms. Steese began but these two captains were exceptional and they stayed very close to the team, one acting as an assistant during the fall and both being at most games and other events after they graduated. Because of what they witnessed, they were compelled to write a letter to the AD, describing the disturbing actions and their affects.

Ellen, Captain - A great all around midfielder who found it necessary to become like a team mother as the team grew. Great offensive stats but an all around player on the field. Ask her about young legs.

Katy, Captain - A midfielder with a great attitude, spirit and smile. Ask her about the directions to the St. Joes game.

2013 - Ms. Steese's first season as coach.

Erin, Captain - A low defensemen who was invaluable to body up and compete against most any offensive player in the league, a competitor. Ask her about her playing goalie against Maritime.

Kaileen, Captain - An attack player who holds all scoring records and has a wicked lefty shot. Often overlooked was her ability to assist and make plays. Ask her about her Dads great photos - even the ones he missed.

Katie, Captain - A low defensemen with the uncanny ability to knock down opposing teams passes while in the air. Ask her about playing injured her senior year.


Molly, Captain - A low defenseman that specialized in breaking up fast breaks and turning them outside. Ask her about her feet traveling faster than her body.

Nicole, Captain - Attack player with a huge sidearm shot capable of both scoring and assisting. Also played a large role in face-offs. Team comedian in the best way. Ask her about her 3 food diet or 3 open cages.

Erica, Captain - Attack midfielder and everywhere else, do not confuse her size with capability. Unfairly my favorite player to watch and talk with - her focus and game attitude shows in all stats but she was also a vacuum with loose balls. Ask her about bouncing back up off the field.

These are all the team captains over the past 3 years who will give you the truth you are looking for but wait, there are many more great players to speak with ordered by graduation year.


Amanda - An attack player with a great quick move and shot. Taught me a lot about having the best attitude in spite of adversity by being the best teammate off the field. Ask her about her trip to Europe.

Tara - a super talented Soccer defenseman who played LAX only her senior year and showed why athletes are athletes no matter what sport. MSMC awarded athlete of the year and a person of integrity. Ask her how she can run forever.


Nikki - A defensive middie who has a never give up attitude and is a great competitor, you could find her all over the field and had stats to match. Ask her about bouncing off the turf and right back in their face.

Danielle - An attack player with assists as well as a great shot. Goal to be the hardest worker on the team & will never give up . Past SAAC president at MSMC. Ask her about her stomach save she made against Mt. St. Vincent.

There are also other excellent payers who you could ask as well, who have left MSMC such as; Kacie, Kasey or Katy who will be capable of answering your questions.

I have left out any current players as they are still susceptible to unwanted actions and behaviors by this coach, should they tell the truth. I am sure we will have a couple more you can ask before this season is too far along, just check the 2015 roster and see who's missing from last year.

It is not too hard to use the roster and historical stats of MSMC athletics to find one or more of these very talented kids. Just get a hold of one of them and ask for a couple of other contacts so you can speak to at least a few to learn just how bad it can be. For you parents out there, it is also not too hard to find the parents of these student athletes who were extremely supportive of this team and their players. Certainly it is not too hard to find me either if you would have any reason to need any information or supporting documentation at any time. I truly hope you do your research and avoid making a huge mistake by putting yourself in a position where Ms. Steese is your daughter's mentor. You just can't do any worse.
Best regards - Ron K." - 1/27/2015

"How could anyone take the post below seriously since there is like 8 typos in a matter of one sentence?

Clearly a post written by Julia herself, or one of her favorites since no one in their right mind who played for this woman would say she facilitates a "FUN" environment... Unless of course you're one of her favorites. In fact, I could even see Julia asking one of her favorites to write that, since she doesn't have the audacity to do anything on her own and is known to manipulate her players against one another.

It's been well over a year since I have played for this witch and I must agree with the post below in the sense that she certainly did make an impact, on and off the field. However this impact was in the most negative way possible. She constantly made me feel poorly about myself mentally and physically and didn't even need to play for this coach for more than a year for me to write that here.

Let me just cut to the chase by saying I always find it interesting when 1 person has an issue with a coach let alone 90% of the team...

Contact any former players for details.

Does it say something that she has kept in touch with ZERO of her former players?

Does it say something that she said NOTHING to her seniors or their parents on senior day?

Does it say something that she repeatedly sat her best players and refused to give them a reason why?

Does it say something that she has ZERO seniors on the team after the class of 2015 had 9 total recruits?

Does it say something that not one player above the class of 2015 is on any of her plaques she sends out (whether they be the best or worst players)?

Does it say anything that the school has to send out an e-mail last year to all girls at MSMC asking if they wanted to join the lacrosse team because she couldn't field enough girls to play?

These are all questions I would love to hear the answer to after observing what happened to this program after Coach Simone left and this woman ruined my following year of lacrosse...

This really all just goes to show how much of a joke the athletic programs at the college have become if they're going to keep such a loser like her. I'm pretty positive she cares more about her one-eyed dog than any of her players... yes, her dog has one eye and she's proud of it.

I used to be proud to say I was a part of this program.. now I'm straight up embarrassed." - 9/3/2014

"Great coach I have been playing for her for 2 years now and she has impacted me on and off the field. From her game day preparation to fall bill coach steese makes lax. A fun TEAM environment." - 8/31/2014

"I am one of the favorites, lol and I can tell you that not only isn't she a good coach but she manipulates people, she lies and she makes people feel bad about themselves. it's like a big joke to her. other players have said stuff to the school and they get punished by the coach. the school knows this and its ok I guess. I probly wont play next year bc I don't like the games that she plays. its just a bad environment" - 4/2/2014

"Anyone who thinks this woman is a good coach is clearly just a favorite of hers. She has a select few girls who she favorites just because they are too shy or quiet to say to her face that she is both a terrible coach and person. I had a terrible experience playing for this woman and no longer play for MSMC lacrosse because of her. She ruined the sport for me and never made me feel like I was an important part of the team. When asked about playing time she will not respond or address the issue. She does not believe athletes have the right to ask about playing time and will not help you to get better. She also thinks everyone has "attitude problems" when in reality everyone is just so miserable because she puts them down and doesn't provide a positive atmosphere for growth. As a coach, she should be helping her players improve year to year and watching them learn and grow. If you look at many of the seasoned players they have not grown in their skill sets or personalities. She does not develop strong leaders or student athletes and she barely even had a team this past year. The school has to send out an e-mail to every girl on campus asking them to join the lacrosse team because she could barely fill a roster. I know this upset many of the girls on the team because they barely had enough girls to play. I would not recommend this coach to anyone looking to play college lacrosse and have an enjoyable experience." - 4/1/2014

"Well it is pretty easy to see that someone at MSMC has taken notice of these reviews and made up some of their own. Be really careful or reviews that are not written by players - like this one here…

“she has made an impact on many athletes that play for her. She is still warming up to the expectations of being a head coach however in my opinion she is learning. She cares about every one of her players individually and works hard to help every player. She is extremely open to new ideas and constructive criticism. From day one she has worked hard to build a connection with her team. There are a few who do not agree with her methods or her opinions but no one is perfect. The team will only grow from here with her help as well as her coaching staff."

This is a big choice you are making so do everything you can to find out what really happens here. The other short term coaches are great at MSMC – WBB, WSB, SWIM and just about all the other coaches and trainers are great as well, even the current assistants are great. Just go to the MSMC website and look up the senior womens Lax players from 2013 , they were the captains and find them and ask them what really happens. You can also call the current seniors on the website just have to wait until 4/16/14 when they can talk. Or you can go back to the 2012 captains/seniors and do the same thing even though they did not play for this coach they know the story well first hand. Then ask any one of the ones you get a hold of for more names of players that have transferred, quit but are still here, or left for these reasons. Some of us are apart now in different places but we all keep pretty much in touch and are easy to find so ask away from the real folks who know. Don't fall for these fake reviews do your homework." - 4/1/2014

"Coach Steese is a new coach to lead the Mount Saint Mary's Women's Lacrosse team. Even though she has only been her for the lesser of two years, she has made an impact on many athletes that play for her. She is still warming up to the expectations of being a head coach however in my opinion she is learning. She cares about every one of her players individually and works hard to help every player. She is extremely open to new ideas and constructive criticism. From day one she has worked hard to build a connection with her team. There are a few who do not agree with her methods or her opinions but no one is perfect. The team will only grow from here with her help as well as her coaching staff." - 3/31/2014

"Coach Steese has absolutely no game plan when entering a lacrosse field. She writes a few notes down in a language that makes no sense and gave the exact same speech before every game. While on the other hand, the boys lacrosse coach handed out full packets of scouting reports and watched film before each game. Our team usually went in completely blind with only the knowledge of what we knew from that schools previous games.

The reason we were so successful last year was not due to the change in coaches, it was due to the raw talent that many girls brought to the table. That talent however was not enough for this coach, you could have played your best game in your career one day, and the next game you would not even get to touch the field- and no reason was given. Once being pulled from a game- with her clearly being mad, she would lacked direction or even words to explain how to fix what had clearly made her mad. Steese also gave minuscule amount of playing time to people who worked extreme hard

This is a D3 school and many athletes chose D3 when wanting to pursue hard majors and still be able to be apart of something that they love. D3 is more school oriented, but Coach Steese did not have this same mentality. Athletes were in fact punished for missing even one practice, or being minutes late. In the first playoff game, we got our asses handed to us due to this. Our goalie had to leave the team due to the overload of school work and the work to be cut out for this team. In addition to having a brand new goalie, several girls were MINUTES behind the other players, but still had 30 minutes to efficiently warm up for the game . These girls were all science majors and had very important labs that they were not permitted to miss. One of these girls was a top scorer for this team, and due to the tardiness she was benched for most of the first and second half.

When looking for colleges my senior year of high school, I was recruited by Rachel Simone, I was very disappointed in the schools choice as a replacement. Overall Coach Steese is a nice person, but when it comes to coaching, I do not recommend her." - 3/31/2014

"I have never had a coach not passionate about her players and sport. She does not get to know her players personally. Gives 0 effort into her job and only goes through the motions of what a college coach should be doing. For example she put on a game film and told us to watch for 15 minutes but once the film started she went straight upstairs into her office until time was up. She told us after that we need to stop making side conversations and to start paying attention to the film. She once said subtract 8 from whatever time practice ends and that is what time she will be in. When playing a game she is mostly silent and the assistants coaches communicate more. When taken out she will give no feedback and confuse players as to why they were taken out. If you make an appointment with her about playing time she will not talk about it. Many players quit because they have made an appointment with coach and coach was defensive and closed off talking about playing time. She will ask for opinions but will not use them so it is better off to keep your opinions to yourself. She is impossible to talk to you and is very defensive when taking criticism from other coaches. She will make athletes feel terrible for missing practice or coming late to practice for academics. In a result of that we had many players quit before the season and during the season because they were either failing or wouldn't know how to balance school and academics. Does not communicate with her players about practice time when something comes up, for example when it is cold or it is snowing are we inside or outside?. She also tells her athletes that they have to wear school colors to practice but she shows up in a pink jacket or sweatshirt players question her about it. She also tells us that we have to stay off our phones meanwhile she is on the phone while we are practicing. When explaining a drill she does not fully explain and makes the assistants clearly explain. Also some of the drill that she has us doing I feel as if I'm on an elementary school team. When talking about recruits, she said that she does not like girls from Long Island because they have an overall attitude problem. Overall, I would not recommend a player coming here to play for her." - 3/31/2014

"Puts players down. Has had influenced many players to quite, and now dislike the sport. Very immature, and does not make the program better. No recruiting to make the program better for the next season. Plays the silent game to players, and picks favorites. She is all over the place, and very unprofessional. She has single handily driving this program into the ground, and she needs to get out. This program needs a coach that cares about the program and the athletes, and someone who is driven." - 3/31/2014

"No words.. Worst coach I have ever had.. Not only is she a poor coach but extremely unprofessional and immature. Makes athletes feel bad about themselves and not want to play the sport.. Lies to players, lies to other faculty.. Has had numerous players quit while she was here due to making them feel bad about academic commitments or playing skills.. Gives players the silent treatment with zero feedback during games or practices.. Puts in minimal effort to her job with poor scouting/recruiting as well as game plans.. Her minimal effort shows on the field.. Does not work "more than 8 hours a day because that's all she gets paid for".. Does not make an effort to get to know her players at all personally nor does she care about them as individuals.. Does not plan ahead, stresses players out by changing plans last minute.. Makes it very difficult to balance academics and athletics.. Has favorites and if you are not a favorite you will not play.. Impossible to talk to about playing time as she is closed off and defensive when it comes to constructive criticism.. If you are a recruit do not come here.. You will be miserable and probably end up hating the program as well as the school as a result of the situations she will put you through." - 3/31/2014

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