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Coach John Bassett male coach

B · 83/100 · 11 ratings

Former Coach for Softball at Heartland Community College - [add camp link]

Knowledge of SportB
Technical TrainingB-
Game StrategyB-
Communication SkillsB-
Cares for Athlete's Well-BeingB-
Organizational SkillsB
Dedication and Loyalty to ProgramB
Fairness of Playing TimeB
Openness to Student AthletesB+
Quality of StaffB
Quality of PracticesB
Overall GradeB-

Would you play for this coach? (again)
Yes: 63.6%
No: 36.4%

General Comments, Funny Stories, etc.

"To the person that said he is a good coach and those who say otherwise are taking shortcuts? Absolutely not, I am an All-American, two regional appearances at the Division 1 level, and now play professionally. I don't believe I took a shortcut by any means. This man took the love of the game from me and I had to find it all over again my senior year. He said terrible comments to my teammates not just about their abilities but sexual comments. He is unprofessional and POLICE ESCORTED off of our campus at the end of the year. I felt uncomfortable many times around him and we found inappropriate pictures of some private parts on his iPad that he blamed on his children. He promised our team things that he did not provide, he spent money on pointless things, and brought his family on the bus for an 18 hour bus ride, no way is this acceptable at the D1 level. Also his wife had a coat when some of the players didn't even have any. SO no do not trust this man, do not let your kid play for him, and I am strictly speaking from a players standpoint who is very successful in my field." - 9/24/2015

"I took hitting lessons from him for many years. Look at his website at cihitting.com and look at the testimonials! I learned so much from him and he helps so many other players! I can't wait to get to college!" - 9/18/2014

"This guy wins. He is incredible at breaking down swing deficiencies and getting the most out of your talent. During my recruitment, he told me exactly what to expect, what I would need to do to improve, and how I would earn playing time. I heard that same speech several times as I helped on tours of other recruits. He was true to his word. I can guarantee you that the negative comments being given are from the loud and extreme minority of players or parents of players who were looking for shortcuts or just felt a false sense of entitlement. Coach went out of his way to make sure I was on top of my academics and had a great relationship with both myself and my family. I'd play for him in an instant. Anybody who did play for him and wouldn't again just isn't cut out for higher level softball." - 8/28/2014

"Liar, instigator, complete and total lack of personality, has no softball knowledge whatsoever, jerk, hypocrite" - 7/30/2014

"Known him for years. Stand-up guy in every way. Daughter has nothing but great things to say about him.

Helped her receive a scholarship after HCC when we didn't think it was possible." - 6/23/2014

"He lies constantly. He throws awesome temper tantrums. I've heard rumors of inappropriate relations with players. In my opinion, and that of several other parents, he's a complete and total jerk. He didn't even last a year at IPFW with a 40 win record...hmmmmm.... I wonder what happened there." - 6/18/2014

"He is completely unorganized and wouldn't know strategy if it hit him in the face. He makes lewd and un-welcomed comments to players. He is a joke and should not be a coach at any level." - 6/12/2014

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5 »  Parents (my kid played for this coach)
4 »  Players (played 2+ years for)
2 »  Players (played for less than 2 years)

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id cid spid Year Head Coach Winning % Wins Losses Ties Championships / Awards  
184451 42153 32 2014 Steve Leverton ? ? ? ? ? -
157698 18658 32 2013 John Bassett ? ? ? ? -
104944 18658 32 2012 John Bassett ? ? ? ? -
78202 18658 32 2011 John Bassett ? ? ? ? -
25965 25126 32 2010 Daryn Miller ? ? ? ? ? -

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