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Coach Jerry Foley male coach

B+ · 88/100 · 2 ratings

Former Coach for Men's Swimming at Susquehanna University - [add camp link]

Knowledge of SportA
Technical TrainingA+
Game StrategyA+
Communication SkillsF
Cares for Athlete's Well-BeingC+
Organizational SkillsA
Dedication and Loyalty to ProgramA
Fairness of Playing TimeB
Openness to Student AthletesF
Quality of StaffF
Quality of PracticesA
Overall GradeA+

Would you play for this coach? (again)
Yes: 50.0%
No: 50.0%

General Comments, Funny Stories, etc.

"Jerry is a knowledgeable guy when it comes to swimming and he definitely improved my stroke and made me a better swimmer. I achieved goals I set and was pleased about that.

The problem with Jerry is he is a control freak and runs things like a dictator. Unless you are dubbed as one of his favorites, you will butt heads with this man. To be a favorite of his, either be one of his top performers or make sure you are a huge brown noser from day 1. Otherwise you will be overlooked, treated like crap, and used for him to make an example out of you in regards to discipline. His communication skills are terrible and whenever you talk with him, just remember that he is "right" even when he is totally wrong. If he says 2+2=5 then you better agree otherwise you'll learn the hard way.

The stuff explained above was experienced by a large group of swimmers who were coached by Jerry. Overall, despite personal success, I would never swim under that man having the title of coach again." - 4/15/2011

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id cid spid Year Head Coach Winning % Wins Losses Ties Championships / Awards  
178094 18577 14 2014 Jerry Foley ? ? ? ? -
151235 18577 14 2013 Jerry Foley ? ? ? ? -
98441 18577 14 2012 Jerry Foley ? ? ? ? -
71680 18577 14 2011 Jerry Foley ? ? ? ? -
19208 18577 14 2010 Jerry Foley ? ? ? ? -

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