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Coach Jamie Ivers female coach

D+ · 69/100 · 2 ratings

Former Coach for Women's Volleyball at Grossmont College - [add camp link]

Knowledge of SportA-
Technical TrainingB+
Game StrategyB+
Communication SkillsF
Cares for Athlete's Well-BeingF
Organizational SkillsA
Dedication and Loyalty to ProgramB-
Fairness of Playing TimeF
Openness to Student AthletesF
Quality of StaffC
Quality of PracticesD-
Overall GradeF

Would you play for this coach? (again)
Yes: 0.0%
No: 100.0%

General Comments, Funny Stories, etc.

"As a college recruitee, I was so excited going into my first year of college volleyball. In her recrut meeting, coach Ivers made all sorts of promises that I soon realized were just talk. She promised that every player would be pushed, and that they would be given access to the "process". After all the lies and manipulative talk, I now know the process now is false. It is to my knowledge that players were not pushed. Practice stats that she said she would give out every 9 days never happened. Once she had her set 6, she pushed everyone aside. Now catching her in some of her lies, and hearing her back it up with even more lies, it is a fact that her integrity as a coach is a joke. She is dishonest and will tell people whatever they want to hear to shut them up. I never thought the end of this year would come down to this website, but I feel like it is the least I can do to save peoples' time, and money. This is NOT an honest program and I've taken this as a learning experience. But seriously people, save your money." - 12/20/2015

"This coach does not care for her players. She makes it clear that everyone is just a number. She is dishonest in so many ways. Does not communicate well. Last year her players all went to her and told her they were about to quit if she didn't change. This year her players have told her that they have lost their passion for the game. If you are looking for a coach that will better you as a player, she is not the one." - 9/25/2015

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id cid spid Year Head Coach Winning % Wins Losses Ties Championships / Awards  
167683 7782 52 2014 Jamie Ivers ? ? ? ? -
140736 7782 52 2013 Jamie Ivers ? ? ? ? -
87804 7782 52 2012 Jamie Ivers ? ? ? ? -
60979 7782 52 2011 Jamie Ivers ? ? ? ? -
8097 7782 52 2010 Jamie Ivers ? ? ? ? -

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