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Coach David Poggi male coach

F · 55/100 · 1 rating

Former Coach for Men's Soccer at Sewanee-The University of the South - [add camp link]

Knowledge of SportD
Technical TrainingD
Game StrategyF
Communication SkillsF
Cares for Athlete's Well-BeingF
Organizational SkillsNo Grade
Dedication and Loyalty to ProgramNo Grade
Fairness of Playing TimeNo Grade
Openness to Student AthletesNo Grade
Quality of StaffNo Grade
Quality of PracticesNo Grade
Overall GradeF

Would you play for this coach? (again)
Yes: 0.0%
No: 100.0%

General Comments, Funny Stories, etc.

"If you look up the word “toxic” in Webster’s Dictionary, you’ll come across a picture of David Poggi. This man was by far the worst soccer coach I’ve ever come across, and that includes my youth days playing in the YMCA.
His training sessions were largely a waste of time and very in organized, he constantly sent players mixed messages about whether they would play or why he would place them on the bench. I wouldn’t be surprised if he picked his line ups by drawing names out of a bowl while he was blindfolded.
All of this led to a dysfunctional and toxic environment for the team itself. I had never experienced such a mass exodus of players on a yearly basis as a crop of players decided it wasn’t worth the time to play for him and quit.
This is all on top of a petition that the players would sign every year and send to the Athletic director calling for Coach Poggi to be fired..
I would encourage all people looking to hire coaches in the future to reach out to former players to get a better idea of what type of coach and person you are really bringing into your school." - 3/1/2020

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id cid spid Year Head Coach Winning % Wins Losses Ties Championships / Awards  
176321 41219 13 2014 Tony Pacella ? ? ? ? ? -
149441 16713 13 2013 David Poggi ? ? ? ? -
96626 16713 13 2012 David Poggi ? ? ? ? -
69836 16713 13 2011 David Poggi ? ? ? ? -
17344 16713 13 2010 David Poggi ? ? ? ? -

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