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Coach Bob Piotti male coach

B · 86/100 · 10 ratings

Former Coach for Men's Swimming at Widener University-Main Campus - [add camp link]

Knowledge of SportB+
Technical TrainingB
Game StrategyB
Communication SkillsB
Cares for Athlete's Well-BeingB
Organizational SkillsA
Dedication and Loyalty to ProgramA+
Fairness of Playing TimeA
Openness to Student AthletesA
Quality of StaffA
Quality of PracticesB
Overall GradeB

Would you play for this coach? (again)
Yes: 55.6%
No: 44.4%

General Comments, Funny Stories, etc.

"Wow, what whiners here slamming Bob. Canât argue with the numbers he put up - multiple championships and coaches of the year. Perhaps you watched it all from the bench cause you couldnât cut it? Unreal. Bitter? Party of one?" - 8/26/2018

"My best friend Bobby. Where do I start. His nuggets, oh his nuggets. He would never tell me where he bought them and I still don't know to this day. But they always tasted so good after a HARD day of swimming. They were always very tender and soft. He coached me so well. His touch felt so warm and caring. I can't believe a coach like this would pass so soon. I was planning to come visit him again. 10/10 coach he will be missed." - 5/21/2018

"Bob Piotti was the singlemost holiest man in history. He enlightened us all with his nuggets. He will be missed." - 11/11/2017

"best coach ever lol hes dead" - 11/19/2016

"Eh not nearly that bad. If you got ribbons for participation dont play for bob. Its college he's not going to hold your hand through the process. The assistants do most of the actual coaching but Bob is a masterful recruiter. Its a D3 team thats run like a D1." - 5/8/2011

"Where do i begin..

Robert J Piotti may be one of the worst coaches in the sport of swimming. Swimming for Bob is worse than pulling your teeth out one by one. He is rarely seen on the pool deck where a head coach belongs, he simply writes a practice and puts it on a table then disappears. If you plan on swimming for Widener please re-think your decision unless your ready for what seems like eternal damnation. He treats his swimmers like dogs and only cares about his reputation at Widener. He does not deserve a single award he received, yet alone the title of a championship winning coach. I dont understand how this moron still holds a head coaching position. DO NOT let Bob sweet talk your parents into sending you to swim for Widener, it may be one of the worst mistakes you will ever make.

Bob is a current day Hitler and i strongly regret signing with Widener." - 1/21/2011

"I have been swimming for 16 years of my life, and Bob Piotti made me hate this sport for everything it stands for. To simply call him a coach would be a 100% lie. To start off, this man is rarely seen during practice. To my knowledge, he sits in his office the entire time. He writes practices and leaves them on the table for the swimming to pick up for practice.

He is one of the most unprofessional people I've ever came into contact with. 90% of his communication between swimmers is through misspelled emails and text messages. He treats his swimmers like garbage left out on the street. How he has been the swim coach for 22 years is beyond me. I have 0 respect for this man after the stuff he pulled on me.

What he does with the swim teams money is a compete mystery. Hes always saying how much money we do not have in our budget, however, takes mystery trips to Miami on the swim teams money while on our training trip in Ft. Lauderdale. We're no sure where our money goes.

I highly recommend anyone considering Widener Swimming a possibility to rethink your decision. Do not get blinded by the "Bob Piotti Syndrome" by his personal recruiting emails and phone calls. This man is a disgrace to the sport." - 1/21/2011

"No funny stories, but practices get really old really fast. It's the same thing every day and i feel like i will not be getting much better while swimming for this team." - 1/21/2011

"This man is legitmately the devil. I came to school loving the sport of swimming and the man has taken everything good out of it. He has created zero team unity and at this point we are now a bunch of individuals swimming for ourselves instead of for a purpose. Please parents and students save yourself more than your fair share of headaches and go to another university. Your time and money there will be much better spent. Had it not been for my other endeavours at school and the friends I had made prior to swimming, I would have transfered from Widener." - 1/20/2011

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2 »  Fans
3 »  Players (played 2+ years for)
2 »  Players (played for less than 2 years)
3 »  Other

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“Oh Piotti Nuggets”
Coach Bob Piotti


Widener University-Main Campus Men's Swimming Win Loss Records

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id cid spid Year Head Coach Winning % Wins Losses Ties Championships / Awards  
187382 24445 14 2015 Bob Piotti 1.000 99 0 0
183793 29900 14 2014 Katy Peterson ? ? ? ? -
157035 29900 14 2013 Katy Peterson ? ? ? ? -
104271 29900 14 2012 Katy Peterson ? ? ? ? -
77524 29900 14 2011 Katy Peterson ? 0 0 0 -
25390 24445 14 2010 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0
187352 24445 14 2009 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0
187353 24445 14 2008 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0
187354 24445 14 2007 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0
187355 24445 14 2006 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0
187356 24445 14 2005 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0
187357 24445 14 2004 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0
187358 24445 14 2003 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0
187359 24445 14 2002 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0
187362 24445 14 2001 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0 -
187367 24445 14 1999 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0
187360 24445 14 0 Bob Piotti ? 0 0 0

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