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About CoachGrader.com

CoachGrader.com is the largest online destination for college coach ratings and reviews. With over 30,000 college coach profiles across 5,000 colleges and universities, our directory makes CoachGrader.com the highest trafficked site for quickly researching and rating coaches, colleges and universities across the United States. We strongly believe that these user generated ratings and reviews give high school recruits valuable insight to a coach's coaching style, game strategy and even personality.

The Idea

CoachGrader.com was founded on a simple idea: If you were being recruited to a college team, wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what you were signing up for? That's really how it all began. A few years ago my wife was a successful high school coach. She had several players get college scholarships only to quit the sport completely due to conflicts with coaching styles. I think a little feedback on those coaches would've been extremely helpful for those players to find a better fit.

Just another thought: If you're signing up to play for a high level championship team you may be willing to sacrifice more blood sweat and tears because it's obvious the coach must be doing something right. Every year they are competing for national championships, conference championships, etc, etc. So what about those coaches that push kids to the brink, bully international players by threatening them and still lose consistently? Well, let's just say we hope they find another profession quickly.

As always, please feel free to contact us.. We love to hear your new ideas, rants, raves, you name it.

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