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College Coach Ratings RSS feed Recently Rated College Coaches

62/D- Dean Glus - The College of New Jersey Baseball
100/A+ Rick Giannetti - Dominican College of Blauvelt Baseball
69/D+ Missy Bolhuis - Trinity Christian College Softball
54/F Coty Cooper - Rose State College Baseball
62/D- Crystal Laska - Aquinas College Softball
100/A+ Steve Addazio - Boston College Football
71/C- Zach Crabtree - Murray State College Baseball
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College Coaches

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College Coaching Jobs RSS feed New College Athletics Job Openings

Head Wrestling Coach - Campbell University [2014-04-15]
Graduate Assistant / Intern For Athletic Equipment - The University Of Tulsa [2014-04-15]
Graduate Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer - Lenoir-Rhyne University [2014-04-15]
2nd Assistant Women's Basketball Coach - Oakland University [2014-04-15]
Assistant Women's Soccer Coach - Oakland University [2014-04-15]
Multimedia Production Assistant - Lehigh University [2014-04-15]
3rd Assistant Women's Basketball Coach - Oakland University [2014-04-15]
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Quotes by Coaches

“Try to practice with the same intensity you have competing in the real game.”
Coach Wolfgang Lucena

“give me all you got for 3 minutes then trust your teammates to do the same”
Coach Steve Hardin

“He doesn't know the meaning of the word fear, but then again he doesn't know the meaning of most words.”
Coach Bobby Bowden

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